17 July 2012

I chatted to Jodi Picoult last week...

...about My Sister's Keeper, a book I reviewed about 8 years ago. Okay, it wasn't really a chat. But the producers of the BBC's World Book Club Show did phone me so that I could 'call in' and ask Jodi my question, live, on radio. It was:
"I know that when the film version of MSK came out, the ending had been drastically altered, for 'Hollywood' purposes. For me, the ending was one of the novel's strongest and bravest features. I've read your feelings about this in other interviews, so my question is: Has this a) put you off future film tie-ins and/or b) made you stricter about what you will and won't agree to contractually?"
Jodi gave a lovely and informative answer, which you can hear here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00x8hmx

Chat soon.

Tiffany x


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