11 April 2012

Be it ever so humble… (Chai's a new home.)

I now have a monthly book review show on radio. It’s not 702. It’s not even SAfm. It’s ChaiFM (101.9FM – Tuesdays, 11am-11.30am). 

But hey. There’s nothing wrong with reviewing for the tribe. Right? Right!

I’m loving it so far. Have a listen to my first ever show (06/03/2012) and to my reviews of last week's books (03/04/2012) which were:  
  • Kitchen Confidential (Anthony Bourdain)
  • Victims (Jonathan Kellerman)
  • Gun Games (Faye Kellerman; also published as Blood Games)
  • Fallen (Karen Slaughter)

I’ll post links to the monthly podcasts whenever I remember.

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