29 October 2013

I took a hiatus. Sorry. But I'm back now.

If I had R50 for every blogger who stops writing for months and months and then publishes an exciting 'Hi folks!' post, apologising for the absence of content and promising mended ways, I could hire someone to read to me.

But, surprise, surprise - this is one of those.

Having not posted a review on this blog since April 2013 (tho I have still been reading and posting reviews elsewhere), I'm back. Woohoo. (Hi Mom and Dan.) And I have some interesting books to review. Starting now...

Expect: The New Girl (SL Grey), Jerm Warfare (Jerm), the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records, the latest Karin Slaughter and Lee Child (I forget their names), and Death of the Demon (Anne Holt). Whew.

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