19 December 2011

What I'm reading this December

A couple of years ago, my in-laws introduced me to a wonderful friend of theirs: Mary from Minnesota.

(Really. From Minnesota. I'd never met anyone from Minnesota before.)

Anyway, during the course of our time together, I learned two very interesting things from Mary and her husband, Terry.

(Yes, really. Mary and Terry.)
  1. The first was that, on his birthday, Terry chooses which birthday to celebrate - i.e. not the birthday linked to the current year. So, on his 50th, he celebrates his 24th. On his 51st, it's his 80th. On his 52nd, it's his 18th. This little eccentricity keeps his birthdays fun. (They also share birthdays - 2012 will be Terry-'n-Mary's 130th!)
  2. The second interesting thing I learned is that Mary keeps a 'Book Book'. This is a list, contained in several hardcover notebooks, of every book she's read since she was 20 or so. Broken down by month. It reminds her what she's read, so she doesn't read the same books twice (I do this a lot. I'm getting old and dof.), and it's very cool.
Having used this blog for book reviews for the last number of years, and having largely ignored the beautiful (and expensive, because it came from Exclusive Books) notebook I bought for this very purpose after meeting Mary, I am going to list my books here. Lucky you.

So, every month, all two or three of you (Hi Mom.) will be able to see what I'm reading, whether I loved it or hated it, and which of those I've deigned to review. If there's a book I've mentioned, but not reviewed, feel free to ask me what I thought of it. I'll be honest. Promise.

Let's begin.

December's reading list (1 Dec 2011 to date):

In random order

  • Some Girls - My Life in a Harem (Jillian Lauren)
  • The Family (Mario Puzo)
  • The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - Aimee Bender
  • True Detectives (Jonathan Kellerman)
  • Lady of the Rivers (Philippa Gregory - an audiobook)
  • Steve Jobs (Walter Isaacson)
  • Rules of Prey (John Sandford)
  • Eyes of Prey (John Sandford)
  • Silent Prey (John Sandford)
  • Shock Wave (John Sandford)
  • Storm Prey (John Sandford)
  • Buried Prey (John Sandford)
  • The Governor's Wife (Mark Gimenez)
  • Married Lovers (Jackie Collins) - holiday drivel :)

More to follow...


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