30 July 2008

The Fairy Bible (Teresa Moorey)

Available at all good bookstores, courtesy of Penguin Books South Africa

I am decidedly not a fairy person. Don’t like elves, pixies, goblins or sprites. Not into rainbows or aromatherapy oils or meditation or pretty butterflies. Except on retro wallpaper. So even I was taken aback when my hands drifted towards a copy of The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey. (Perhaps somebody’s elfin little mitts were guiding me?)

It’s a beautifully illustrated, deliciously presented fairy encyclopedia, with all of the facts, info and non-jiggery-pokery background to intrigue even a confirmed skeptic. I even toyed, for a brief moment, with keeping it all to myself…

But why not share this friendly little tome – which introduces the realm of fairies; elaborates on water fairies, air fairies, fire fairies, earth fairies (who knew?), house and hearth fairies, flower fairies, tree fairies, and weather fairies; and ends with a dictionary of which ones come from which countries, philosophies, religions and belief systems?

It’s a cracker of a gift: a lovely pressie for a certain kind of child – or for that divine adult in your life who spends her free time trying out sweat lodges, flipping through tarot cards, checking out her star sign, twiddling the crystal around her neck or simply dreaming.


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